096 - Yellow canoe

Where's Dim Sum? #096 - Yellow canoe

Dim Sum regrets curling up in the canoe for a nap. Now, she hopes that someone would discover her or that the tide would eventually bring the canoe back to shore. Meanwhile, she bides the time and recites that poem in her most melodious meows.... Now, how did it go again?... Ahh, yes.... "The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea ... In a beautiful pea-green b.... Hmm.... Hmmmmmmm.... Aha! ... In a beautiful pe.... Huh?.... Alright, alright!... In a beautiful banana-yellow boat." Dim Sum silently cusses her conscience for ruining what could have been a funnier poem.

The reason I got here was because Mosaii, the owner of these sims, asked if I had affiliate vendors for Mer Betta. After a long explanation about why I don't do affiliate vendors or why I don't rent anymore, he invited me to visit the sims, which are pirate-themed and which now welcome mers.

The sims are sparse, but I found this little spot with this big banyan tree and a couple of small structures. Plus a canoe rezzer!

And this week, Strawberry Singh asks about our three SL wishes. Just three?

location: Orinoco River Basin @ Caribbean Seas (Adult)

Technical notes

windlight: [TOR] DUSK - Vision of something (modified)
water: Phototools- Breakwave Building Water

Strawberry's memes - My three SL wishes

Strawberry's meme for this week is "Share three things you wish for or about your Second Life." If I *really* had a magic lamp with a genie, I'd wish for a million wishes or a million genies or a million magic lamps. But, since this is just a theoretical magic lamp with a theoretical genie granting three theoretical wishes, I guess I'd be less pragmatic.

1. I wish SL would be so immersive that it would be very hard to distinguish it from RL. Like the holodeck on the Enterprise. I know, I know, we'll eventually get there.

2. I wish SL time didn't come out of my 24-hours-a-day RL time allowance. Where would the hours come from? I dunno. Maybe steal it from a parallel universe where I'm about to die anyway? Or maybe launch SL into orbit at the event horizon of some black hole?

3. I wish that, when someone lies in SL, his/her SL nose would grow automatically. Like Pinocchio. Of course, it could result in most of the residents having long noses, and the nose-accessory market would boom. Meanwhile Xcite and other merchants could go out of business. And we'd have newbies walking around naked with impossibly long ... ermmm ... noses.
"You expect me to believe your real nose is that long?!?"
"Yes, it's really that long."