097 - Solaria soleggiata

Where's Dim Sum? #097b - Solaria soleggiata

Where's Dim Sum? #097a - Solaria soleggiata

Dim Sum enjoys the warm Mediterranean sunset as she listens to the lapping sound of the water and as she watches the gentle wiggle of the images reflected on it. Suddenly, she feels compelled to meow out the strains of an old, old song....
Ma n’atu sole cchiù bello, oi ne’,
’o sole mio sta nfronte a te!
’o sole, ’o sole mio, sta nfronte a te,
sta nfronte a te!

Maveryck Breen started a short, but very interesting, conversation in the comments of my last post. So I went to check out his place, his work, the virtual manifestation of his dream.

I looked up his profile and tried his Picks for what I thought would be a quick teleport. But every one of his Picks named "Solaria" or "Sunland" (all six of them) took me to the same place, where a security thing kept teleporting me home. To my surprise, I got an IM from the owner of the security thing. Apparently, I was in the correct sim, but the wrong parcel. The neighbor (mikerydquist) graciously teleported me to the right parcel. (Thank you!)

The place is charming. And it does have an Italian feel to it.

I took two versions of the same scene. I liked the statue, but I also love the water reflections. The windlight is the same, except the east is in different positions. And so is Dim Sum. The view angle is also slightly different -- 0.606 for the close-up and 0.727 for the more distant version.

Maveryck has his own set of beautiful captures of his build.

location: Solaria

Technical notes

windlight: Fine Day (modified)
water: Glassy