098 - Painted and paned

Where's Dim Sum? #098 - Painted and paned

Dim Sum kneads the stone tiled floor before she settles down for a nap, out of the way of foot traffic. She yawns widely and rests on the warm floor, dreaming of the scent of fresh bread as it comes out of the warm oven....

I was intending to take a picture of another spot in the same parcel, but there were too many people there, so I went up another building to take a picture of a stone eagle perched on a terrace as the foreground to the lighthouse. When moving my cam around, I saw that the rooms were mostly empty. So, when I actually arrived inside the room where the terrace connected, the beautiful frescoes and pottery caught my eye, particularly this colorful vase. I also derendered another painted vase to keep the focus on the one in the foreground.

I love pottery, painted or natural, decorated or plain, glazed or unglazed. The affinity I feel for it is very primal, from the red-and-black pottery of Ancient Greece to the clay pottery with stylized designs by Native Americans.

I don't show the frescoes in this picture though, but it's worth the visit.

location: Solaria

Technical notes

windlight: Fine Day (modified)