111 - Poor orphan Friedrich

Where's Dim Sum? #111 - Poor orphan Friedrich

Dim Sum meows at the forlorn boy with the dirty face and keeps him company after all the kids have left the school.

Earlier, I was at a hotel restaurant, where a trio of musicians (not grasshoppers) were playing. I was still deciding on the windlight and only took one test photo when I had to go. They were gone when I logged back in, so I had to find a new subject.

Friedrich didn't respond to my OOC IM. Probably because his avie is just parked or he really doesn't speak like his profile says. So I hope he's okay with being the most popular orphan boy in Dim Sum Land.

While I was at the hotel restaurant, someone (Crispin Sturges) threw Dim Sum a string of sausages. A string of sausages! If this happens too often, she's gonna have to go on a diet.  ;D

Oh, oh, she could share it with poor Friedrich, except she already ate it all. *burp*

model: Friedrich Zepp
location: 1920s Berlin

Technical notes

windlight: Phototools- Thalia Light 01 (modified)