118 - Circus dogs

Where's Dim Sum? #118 - Circus dogs

Dim Sum keeps her distance from the cage of strange dogs. Would the tiger dog and the cheetah dog regard her as friend or as foe?

The Home & Garden Expo is going on now until June 2nd. This is another Relay for Life event.

This particular plot is occupied by Amaretto Ranch Breedables, and it's the most creative display that I've seen in the expo so far. A few other cages are around the big tent with unusual animals. This one has four dogs who are spotted strangely. In the picture, you can see the giraffe dog, the zebra dog, and the tiger dog. A cheetah dog is hidden from view.

location: Home & Garden Expo 2013

Technical notes

windlight: Phototools- Thalia Light 02 (modified)