Where's Dim Sum?

If you came here looking for Chinese food, sorry. If you came here looking for Opal's book called "Love,Like Dim Sum," well, you're getting closer.

The dare

This blog is actually a 365 project. You know, one of those projects that you do once a day for a full year to improve your skill.

To be honest, I hadn't really planned on this.  After all, a full year is a long time and I have issues with long-term commitments.  (Yes, one calendar year is a Second Life eon.)

It was January 19, 2013, I was chatting with Fingol, and he seemed to have lost his passion.  But I know that he loves to take photos in SL, so I asked him if he could spare 15 minutes a day.  He (unwisely) said, "i think so."  So I proposed a 365 project (and explained what it was).  But, it would be mean of me if I just threw him out there alone, so I said I'd do it with him.

So, here are the rules:
  • No post-processing allowed on the photo at all.  But using HUDs to simulate filters is okay.  (We're also using HUDs to overlay our signatures on the photos as we take them.)
  • No more than one photo a day.  Taking photos for a future day or a past day is not allowed.
  • Missing days is okay.  So, we allow ourselves more time to finish the project, as long as we do 365.
The goal is to find beauty wherever we end up in.

The photos are stored in Flickr.

That's it.  Those are the rules.  Beyond that, anything goes.

Extra credit

Well, taking photos for the sake of taking photos is not really that interesting to me anymore.  After all, I've been taking photos in SL since I started.  So I was churning the idea in my head and I thought of doing a theme.  Ergo, "Where's Dim Sum?"

You've seen the "Where's Waldo?" illustrations.  It's the same concept.  "Dim Sum" is a white cat who will be camouflaged (or not) somewhere in the photo. 

If you would like to suggest sims, let me know.

If you would like to do the same project, let me know and I'll link your blog or Flickr set here.

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