011 - Penguins

Where's Dim Sum? #011 - Penguins

Dim Sum auditions for the Penguin Rockettes.

This little bird is actually very easy to overlook, because it is relatively small compared to the children and other things. Plus, it was on steps with the same color.

It's the little details like this, the little surprises, that make great builds. You don't see everything the first time; the more you dig around, the more you see.

I also thought it was very cool that it reflected the penguins behind it, like a secret motif. Like the stripes on the stairs reflect the stripes on the children's shorts and on the rats.

location: LEA23 - "The Arrival" by Rose Borchovski

Technical notes

windlight: Phototools- Lo Light 03 (modified)

  • I had to use Ctrl-0 to visually narrow the distance between the bird and the penguins; otherwise, the penguins would look really, really small.
  • I retook the photo because the first one had clouds that were distracting.
  • I had to click the refresh in the photo tool until I could catch it in this pose, which goes very fast.