008 - The scarecrow and the unscared crow

Where's Dim Sum? #008 - The scarecrow and the unscared crow

While I was looking for a spot to shoot today, someone else saw my avatar and wanted to know where I got it. She hates the freebie cat avatar that LL gives away, but she likes mine which I got from Zooby, and she was hoping it would be a freebie. I sent her the landmark to Zooby and told her how much it costs.

But we ended up having a long conversation, because, ... well, ...

She's very young and doesn't have L$ and doesn't have a credit card or bank account and won't ask her parents to buy L$ for her and doesn't want to be bothered with filling out job applications and thinks that greeting people at a venue as a hostess is too much work and doesn't know how to create products that people will buy and doesn't want to search the web for tutorials and doesn't want to take classes to learn how to create.


location: Seven Veils - Exteriors

Technical notes

windlight: Phototools- rara Fal

This definitely took more than 15 minutes. I don't want to get rid of that limitation though, because it keeps me focused.