238 - Hidden beach

Dim Sum licks the sand off her fur, but how does she get the sand off her tongue?

This hidden beach reminds me of an old roleplay with an old lover. It's not exactly how I imagined it but it still gave me a little shiver. It's a beautiful and peaceful sim with lots of hidden quiet corners.

The sim was built by Calein Flux.

location: Majilis Al Jinn

Technical notes

windlight: Phototools- Breakwave Building Light (modified)
water: Default


237 - Tahoe's blue

Dim Sum is mesmerized by the blue waters as she lazily listens to the lapping waves and looks out toward the river leading out to sea.

This image took me a long time. I wanted to reproduce a certain feel to match what the scenery reminded me of. I couldn't get it. It was either too bright or too dark or too flat. I'm not too happy with the contrast in the final version either. Ahh, well, ... some days you win, some days you lose.

After tinkering with the windlight, I decided to try the water and luckily got this blue, which reminds me of the deep blueness of Lake Tahoe.

location: Navan

Technical notes

windlight: Fine Day (modified)
water: Default (modified)


236 - Breakfast in candlelight

Dim Sum stretches as she wakes up under the table. She wonders when the humans would wake up and give her breakfast before she goes to take her nap.

A quick one before I go to sleep, and maybe I'll have time for one more before the long weekend ends. :)

The table with the candles, wine bottles, mugs, and food is the "Sa'ng Fori -Tavern Table-" by Kim Lefavre (Sang Fori Design).

location: Navan

Technical notes

windlight: Places alirium (modified)

235 - Arrows on the beach

Dim Sum watches the smugglers across the water as she lithely winds her way around the arrows.

Not much DOF here because I didn't want to lose the detail in the clouds. I had to derender a lot of things to simplify the scene.

location: Navan

Technical notes

windlight: Places Cromac (modified)
water: Nacon's Lake Water


234 - Stepped arch

Dim Sum contemplates whether everyday emotes are still roleplay.

This is a German roleplay sim, but most of the notices have English translations, including the sim's covenant. The bot chat said to wear a tag on the sim, but I don't see where to get a tag.

It's a nicely done sim, although a bit too crowded. The arch and the path are recognizably Alex Bader's work. I derezzed a Tudor guard, which would have messed up my composition.

/me loves the derez/derender features. :D

location: Navan

Technical notes

windlight: [TOR] BIG SUN - Slips through walls 5 (modified)
water: Nacon's Lake Water


233 - Geisha's door

Dim Sum lays herself on the warm train of the geisha's kimono as her eyes lazily half close while watching the herons dance on the frozen lake.

Lucky day! I found Tsuyu (Liang Scorpio) standing at the patio of the house and she agreed to let me take her pic. I had to derender the basket of oranges and the table itself in the foreground to get a full shot of her gorgeous kimono.

I'm not quite happy with the lighting. There's not enough contrast. I wanted to light her more on the side of the camera, but there was a local light that was too bright from inside the house, so I had no control over how she would be lighted, even if I wore a light that I could reposition. I could have repositioned the sun, but I would have lost the shadows.

model: Tsuyu 梅雨 (liang.scorpio)
location: Yuki No Yume - A Dream of Snow

Technical notes

windlight: AnaLutetia - STUDIO3 (modified)


232 - Leader of the pack

Dim Sum observes the creatures hanging out at the water's edge to try to figure out the difference between seals and sea lions.

The objects say they're seals, but a search on Google says that sea lions have the ear flaps which these have, although some (non-"true") seals have ear flaps.

These seals are by Jon Haskell (AAA Sculpty Creations Animals).

location: Yuki No Yume - A Dream of Snow

Technical notes

windlight: [EUPHORIA] that day (modified)


231 - Surreal stream

Dim Sum watches the melted snow fall from the rocky outcrop down to the stream from which she just lapped some cold water.

I was just too exhausted last weekend to post anything. I was napping on my chair pretty much the whole time I sat on the computer. This past week, I slept no more than 6 hours a night. Mom was in the hospital for 4 days of the week. And I missed a tax return deadline. :(

I've had to do a clean reinstall of Firestorm this morning because my already-short time with "mon loup blanc" kept getting interrupted by crashes every ten minutes for the past couple of weeks. It seems to be more stable now.

Anyway, this is actually the first day that I've felt like I've had time to slow down and take the time to actually enjoy taking pics and (wouldn't you know it!) sorting my inventory! Well, a little bit anyway. Opal's inventory is still a big mess.

Happy Chinese New Year!

location: Yuki No Yume - A Dream of Snow

Technical notes

windlight: (SS) Atmospheric 19:00b (modified)
water: Murky

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