246 - As the heron watches

Where's Dim Sum? #246 - As the heron watches

Dim Sum quietly observes as the heron steers the stray floating candles back into the middle of the stream.

That building is actually the landing point of the sim. I derezzed a lot of things, including a bridge on the foreground and some trees in the background.

I think I need a change of pace in this project, but at the moment, I'm stuck with little time for it, so I've been kinda on maintenance mode. My personal goal has been to stretch the capabilities of the tools to find that balance in the settings to maximize realism through depth and light. I think I need a new stretch goal. But what?

location: Nagare

Technical notes

windlight: [EUPHORIA] low saturation dull deposit (modified)
water: Default


245 - Looking "Reality" in the eye

Where's Dim Sum? #245 - Looking "Reality" in the eye

Dim Sum lives dangerously and follows the big columns until they stopped stomping.

Often, I get into an argument with Wolfgang about reality. He says there's only one reality and he doesn't understand why I don't see it his way. I repeatedly explain that reality is actually subjective, because we all experience it differently, like the blind men and the elephant.

If you haven't heard that story, it goes like this.... Several blind men have never seen an elephant their entire lives, so they go to see one. One blind man touches the elephant's body and thinks that the elephant is like a wall. One touches the elephant's leg and thinks an elephant is like a column. Another touches the trunk and thinks the elephant is like a snake. Yet another touches the tail and thinks the elephant is like a rope. One more touches the ear and thinks the elephant is like a fan. So they all go home thinking they know just what an elephant looks like.

Then they get together later and claim that the others are imagining strange creatures that don't look like an elephant at all.

No wonder we argue so often.

model: Opal Lei
location: Winter Moon

Technical notes

windlight: Phototools- Still Life (modified)


244 - No swimming

Where's Dim Sum? #244 - No swimming

Dim Sum wonders where all the surfers went.

The beach was a nice surprise. I love sims with surprises like this. And the elephant in the background (through the arch) was probably a better focus, but I didn't see it until after I turned off the DOF! And this composition was probably already the umpteenth one I was trying to work with tonight.

Anyway, busy weekend for me, so only this one. Next week (with tax returns being due on April 15th), I might not be able to do much more, but we'll see.

location: Winter Moon

Technical notes

windlight: [TOR] NIGHT - Bright blue horizon (modified)
water: Default

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