367 - Shady

Where's Dim Sum? #367 - Shade

Opal and Dim Sum find a shady spot to read and nap.

It's been almost three years since my last Dim Sum post! To be honest, this is not even a typical Dim Sum exploration.

This is Sanctuary Ridge, my home in Aglia in the mainland. The very first 512sqm parcel I ever bought during my first week in SL in 2006, almost 14 years ago. (Wow! I'm that ancient.) And, yes, what you see is only 512sqm.

To the right is actually a narrow "Maintenance" parcel owned by Governor Linden as part of the railroad system. The Linden trees have always hung overhead my parcel. When I initially bought the parcel, that was part of the appeal, but, after mesh trees were introduced, I wasn't so sure anymore.

The last time I decorated the parcel, I made the mistake of raising the ground, so I was always walking through the branches. This time, I lowered the land as low as possible again. However, because it's on a hillside, I couldn't terraform the entire parcel to be the same level. But I think it worked out well.

The Linden trees blend well with the mesh trees and shrubbery and they make the parcel feel more secluded. So I like them again. :)

The "Skye Zen Garden" and "Skye Epic Waterfall" (the waterfall itself is hidden by the rocks in this pic) are building kits created by Alex Bader (Studio Skye).
The mesh trees are by Sasaya Kayo (HPMD).

model: Opal Lei
location: Sanctuary Ridge, Aglia

Technical notes

windlight: Annan Adored Light Explosion II (modified)
water: n/a

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