Six-word caption challenge

I found a meme about describing your life right now in six-words, which is a lot more challenging than Twitter's 140-character limit.

The six-word memoir project was started by Smith Magazine, and they even have caption challenge. With apologies to Smith Magazine, I'm going to imitate that challenge.

So, the challenge is...

Take Dim Sum's 6-Word Caption Challenge

For any picture in the "Where's Dim Sum?" series, give it a six-word caption. 

You can post it as a comment to this blog (G+ comments are automatically linked to this blog) or in the image page in Flickr (click the image in the blog to get to the Flickr page). However, it is better in the blog or in G+, so people can +1 your comment.

If you'd like to create a six-word caption for the entire series, you can add it as a comment to this web page.

Yes, you can do it in any language, but please translate to English for the rest of us. :)  Even if the English translation is more than six words, as long as it's only 6 words in your language. (Although I heard that you can squeeze a 10-word English sentence into one German word, or something like that.)

That's it! Pretty simple, huh?

PS: If you want to do your own six-word caption challenge, let me know and I'll add your blog link or Flickr photostream or set link to the sidebar.

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