230 - Lone Tree Way

Dim Sum watches three fashionistas walk down the path on the side of the canyon, as though it were a runway, then fall off the edge when they get to the end.

On the way to my RL sister's house is a street called "Lone Tree Way". You'd think it was an easy name to remember, but each person in the family has called it a different name. It's been called the One Tree Way (a typo if it were written), the Single Tree Way (a synonym), the Cypress Way (we have no idea where this came from), and the best one ever... the Laundry Way (the homophone which my nephew thought it was).

Speaking of homophones, there's a street on my way to work called Deodar Way. And everyday, my GPS says, "Turn left on Deodar Way." Not this way, but Deodar Way.

(For my non-English-native-speaking readers: "Deodar" sounds like "the other".)

location: Yuki No Yume - A Dream of Snow

Technical notes

windlight: [TOR] SUNRISE - Fine Scottish day (modified)


229 - Night doll

Dim Sum listens to the little bird, guarding the little yellow doll in the snow, chirping loudly as if to shoo away all strangers who might steal away its precious little princess.

This is a bit of a rush because I should have been in bed a couple of hours or so ago. But I haven't posted for a long long while.

This looks like a cute snowy sim. This spot is actually right at the landing area. I love little details like this. They make the sim much more interesting.

location: Yuki No Yume - A Dream of Snow

Technical notes

windlight: Riverrock Night (modified)


228 - Icy waters

Opal Lei: Where's Dim Sum? #228 - Icy waters

Dim Sum closely watches the bird and wonders if she could move close enough to pounce on it without falling into the cold water.

Alex Bader's objects, including this bridge, have been endlessly photographed so I try to avoid them now, but I couldn't resist this scene.

I didn't even modify the windlight this time. That's unusual for me, since I try to fit the windlight with what the scene (and the composition) suggests. So, nice, happy accident. :)

location: Slightly Twisted

Technical notes

windlight: Annan Adored Dark Red sky
water: Nacon's Water


227 - Plaid passerby

Dim Sum warms herself in the summer sun, absentmindedly listening to the sax player.

I wanted to take a picture of the sax player, but Kaz Galtier was taking his own fashion pictures near the saxophonist, so I waited a little. Then it occurred to me that his red plaid jacket would contrast nicely against the snowy background, so I asked him if he would let me include him in my picture, and he graciously did even though he had to wait longer until I finished mine.

Click on his name below to check out his blog.

model: kaz Galtier
location: Slightly Twisted

Technical notes

windlight: [EUPHORIA] that day (modified)
water: Nacon's Water

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