368 - River tunnel (360°)

Where's Dim Sum? #368 - River tunnel 360°

Dim Sum listens to the bubbling brook. What?!? It's a river?!?

Oh, what a joy to find out that the newest Firestorm has the 360° feature!

I had been meaning to install the Linden Lab browser to try it out, but I never found the time. Nor the inclination, to be honest. ;)

I might have a new reason to do more Dim Sum pictures now! I'm still not sure about having the time though.

Unfortunately, the 360° feature ignores the depth of field (DOF) and the View Angle settings. So composition is limited to the windlight you choose/modify/create and the position of your camera.

The size of the resulting image is also limited to 4096x2048 and the format can only be JPG, which is lossy so it's not a good idea to edit it. But this is a raw-image project anyway. :)

The "Skye Enchanted Tree Tunnel" and "Skye River Set" were created by Alex Bader (Studio Skye).

location: Pleiades (private sim)

Technical notes

windlight: Whirly Gloomy Day (modified)
water: n/a

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