366 - The return of the cat

Where's Dim Sum? #366 - The Return of the Cat

Dim Sum reemerges after a very long nap.

I can't stay away. It's not the photography itself. It still requires more time than I can afford. And I'm not really learning anything new anymore.

What I miss is the solitude, the silence, the ambiance of a place. I turn off my brain. I just be.

I revel in the gentle movement of colors in the water. I am in awe with the complex shadows of trees and cattails.

This is a reality where I can move the sun, conjure the clouds, and make annoying people disappear. Oh, how heady power can be! And I need that power in my life right now.

The "CR Jetty 4 Tall" was created by Cube Republic.
The "[we're CLOSED] row boat white" was created by Wendy Xeno ([we're CLOSED]).

location: Luane's Winter World

Technical notes

windlight: Phototools- Absinthe Light (modified)
water: Glassy

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