233 - Geisha's door

Dim Sum lays herself on the warm train of the geisha's kimono as her eyes lazily half close while watching the herons dance on the frozen lake.

Lucky day! I found Tsuyu (Liang Scorpio) standing at the patio of the house and she agreed to let me take her pic. I had to derender the basket of oranges and the table itself in the foreground to get a full shot of her gorgeous kimono.

I'm not quite happy with the lighting. There's not enough contrast. I wanted to light her more on the side of the camera, but there was a local light that was too bright from inside the house, so I had no control over how she would be lighted, even if I wore a light that I could reposition. I could have repositioned the sun, but I would have lost the shadows.

model: Tsuyu 梅雨 (liang.scorpio)
location: Yuki No Yume - A Dream of Snow

Technical notes

windlight: AnaLutetia - STUDIO3 (modified)