231 - Surreal stream

Dim Sum watches the melted snow fall from the rocky outcrop down to the stream from which she just lapped some cold water.

I was just too exhausted last weekend to post anything. I was napping on my chair pretty much the whole time I sat on the computer. This past week, I slept no more than 6 hours a night. Mom was in the hospital for 4 days of the week. And I missed a tax return deadline. :(

I've had to do a clean reinstall of Firestorm this morning because my already-short time with "mon loup blanc" kept getting interrupted by crashes every ten minutes for the past couple of weeks. It seems to be more stable now.

Anyway, this is actually the first day that I've felt like I've had time to slow down and take the time to actually enjoy taking pics and (wouldn't you know it!) sorting my inventory! Well, a little bit anyway. Opal's inventory is still a big mess.

Happy Chinese New Year!

location: Yuki No Yume - A Dream of Snow

Technical notes

windlight: (SS) Atmospheric 19:00b (modified)
water: Murky