109 - B 6236

Where's Dim Sum? #109 - B 6236

Dim Sum looks around at the bustling city she stumbled into after accidentally hitching a ride on the wrong train. The first thing she wonders about is what the city food tastes like.

I've been to the 1920s Berlin a long long time ago. (No, not during the 1920s, silly. I'm not that old!) It was still in the mainland somewhere up in the sky. It's in a full private sim now.

Even during my first visit, I was already impressed with the project, and Jo Yardley has expanded it even more. How steadfastly she sticks to the theme is very admirable, so you get a truly immersive historical experience. She has staff (bots?) that stand in as intriguing characters -- a woman sweeping the sidewalk, a young boy with cotton candy, a train ticket agent asleep at the ticket window.

Well, during my visit, maybe I'll learn a few more words besides "Gehsundheit" and "Danke". (That poster on the left says "public telephone". Google said so.)

location: 1920s Berlin

Technical notes

windlight: Phototools- Lo  Gun Light (barely modified)

While I was browsing through the windlights, this one struck me. It's kinda surreal, but I love the happy colors, and I thought, "Why not?" :)