104 - Mom's hammock

Where's Dim Sum? #104 -  Mom's hammock

Dim Sum enjoys the gentle swaying of the hammock. Now, she understands why humans like these things so much. Cats can nap pretty much anywhere, but humans are just so spoiled....

It's Mother's Day in the US and in several other countries this Sunday. So this post is dedicated to my mom Lucy, who is still in the hospital recovering from a triple bypass. Unfortunately, my printer didn't print it well, but she likes it anyway. Or she just says she does, like she did when my sister and I gave her macaroni necklaces to wear to work when we were in early grade school. I still don't understand why macaroni necklaces never came in style.

To all you mothers out there: Happy Mother's Day!

Mehgan, the TimeKeeper from The End of Time, was actually the one who gave me this landmark. (Thank you, Mehgan!) At first I wondered if it was a private sim because there were houses all over, so I looked up the owners. Karma Avedon's profile pick said that Avedon Park is a "public park open to all ages." Yay!

location: Avedon Park

Technical notes

windlight: Phototools- Angles Light 01 (modified)