115 - Garden triptych

Where's Dim Sum? #115 Blacks and whites triptych

Dim Sum attempts to start a conversation with the Siamese cat, who seemed too preoccupied with grooming herself. Dim Sum jumps off the ledge and walks over to the black cats instead.

I think this is my most favorite spot in the entire sim. It has a lot of very interesting and very unexpected details, besides the two black cats and the Siamese cat... a bird cage with books inside it and butterflies coming out of it... a toppled blue-and-white ceramic teacup... a worn chair with a bloody handprint... a ball of yard with bloody knitting needles... candles inside a teardrop-shaped cage... three tables each with a tea set and wrought iron chairs... an old wooden wardrobe... a baby carriage occupied by a black spider... a dirty stuffed bunny... pink antique rose vines rising above brambles....

It's almost like poetry in the form of a garden. Or a maybe a mystery novel.

location: Gehena Vampire Clan

Technical notes

windlight: [TOR] SUNSET - Damage down (modified)
water: Default