095 - Lights of remembrances

Where's Dim Sum? #095 - Lights of remembrances

Dim Sum sits in awe as she watches the magical scene with the gourd lights, the flickering candlelight, and the bright moonlight.

I'm crying again, like I did at the last Fantasy Faire I participated in. It's that transience thing again. The transience of these beautiful sims. The transience of life itself.

location: Fairelands Junction at Fantasy Faire 2013

UPDATE: Chosen as Second Life Pic of the Day 04/30/92013! Yay!

Technical notes

windlight: Bryn Oh's BLUNIVERSE
water: [NB] Sparkling Depths

This is the first time I didn't change the windlight, not even move the east direction. It was just perfect. I couldn't get a better water setting though.

In a clearing in this forest, there are big beautifully decorated trees with holes in them that show a glimpse of one of the sims. Very creative teleporters.