082 - Phoenix god

Where's Dim Sum? #082 - Phoenix god

Dim Sum balances at the top of the light globe, careful not to get too close to the burning wings. After all, who wants singed fur?

I've wanted to capture this sculpture since I first saw it the other day, but I couldn't find a good angle for it, until now. Again, this is mostly local lights and the sun above it, no shadows added.

Somehow this windlight in this place reminds me of a sci-fi novel that I read a long time ago as a teenager, and it has haunted me for a long time after. The novel is "Legend of Lost Earth" by G. McDonald Wallis. It was one of my mom's paperback books with another novel in the back which I didn't really read.

When I got married and moved away, I got homesick for that place described in the book, but I couldn't remember the book title nor the author. I could only vaguely remember the picture in the front and the images created in my mind. When we moved back to California, my mom had set out some books to give away and I found it in that pile. Oh, I was so happy!

I have that book (now falling apart) among my stash of treasured books. Maybe one day I'd build that place in SL or what I think it looks like.

location: Alpha Point

Technical notes

windlight: [TOR] BIG SUN - Slips through walls 5 (modified)