081 - Sea hoist

Where's Dim Sum? #081 - Sea hoist

Dim Sum watches as the mechanical sea horse is lowered to the water, and she thinks of all the underwater places she could explore, "I could use one of those!"

This is just outside the red-orange ballroom from yesterday. This place has a lot of intricate passageways but there's a lot more structures above that prevent the sun from getting into all the corners. You'll just have to come and see it. The place is almost like a sci-fi metropolis.

Anyway, I discovered Strawberry Singh's memes from her G+ stream. My response to this week's meme is at the bottom of this post.

location: Alpha Point

Technical notes

windlight: Places alirium (modified)

Strawberry's memes - SL names

I saw someone mention Strawberry Singh's "memes" and I wondered what those were about, until I finally saw Strawberry's own post in G+ about this week's meme. Read the rules from her blog.

This week's meme is about SL names. Of course, having Multiple Avatar Disorder (MAD), I'd talk about more than one name.  ;)

What’s your SL name?
Opal Lei / HiHo Silvera / Treasure Box / Treasure Shippe

What made you choose this name?
The first names I chose were inspired by the last names I found. Searching for a "good" last name and refreshing the web browser to get a fresh list became like a game.

I am an October baby, so my birthstone is the opal. I already decided on that before choosing a last name. I remember being very excited when I found "Lei" in the list. Lei is actually the nickname that my family calls me irl. It's the first syllable of Lea (pronounced like Leia) which is my "official" RL nickname. And Lea is the second syllable (pronounced differently though) of Eleanor, which is my legal name and the name that my dad called me when I was in trouble as a child and about to get a spanking for something my younger sister did. But because I was older and I should know better, I'm the one who got punished.... But I digress....

I found Box when browsing the lists to help someone decide on his business account name. So I decided to create my own RL-linked account at that point too. Treasure is the English word for my RL last name "Tesoro".

When I was creating Treasure Shippe, I had already seen that last name on someone else, so I actually searched for it in the lists.

HiHo Silvera was inspired by the Lone Ranger's call to his stead (Hi, ho, Silver!) after I saw the last name when I was creating the account.

What’s your SL nickname, or what do most people call you?
Hi, ho, hi, ho, it's off to work we go....

What’s your SL display name? Why do you choose to have one? (if applicable)
No display names for these alts.

Do you like your SL name?
Yes, every one of them.

If you could change your SL name, what would it be?
If I feel like changing my name, I'd just create a new alt. ;)

What’s the craziest/funniest SL name you’ve ever seen?
What’s the coolest (your favorite) SL name you’ve ever seen?
I'll have to pass on answering these two questions because I've seen a lot that I loved. But go to the Clever Nicknames Club group in SL, created by Gene Poole. There's a lot of witty names there, mostly using the original SL last names.