093 - Auspicious dragon

Where's Dim Sum? #093 - Auspicious dragon

Dim Sum befriends the mighty red dragon, who kept her out of the water, while they had a wonderful conversation about existence and non-duality. After the dragon convinced her of the oneness of all existence, meaning that she and the dragon are one, Dim Sum attempted to breathe fire. But, ooops, that fire-and-brimstone scent was actually what she had for lunch.

While I still setting up Dim Sum and she was buried in the lotus petals, I received an IM:
The Royal Midget  (renate.marchionne): Greetings there. I am just visiting the fantasy faire and seeing the most impressive avatar I think I've ever seen. Are you that whole flower and the lilies around it?

Dim Sum the cat (lovelikedimsum): lol, no I'm the cat in it.

Anyway, I was born in the Year of the Dragon, so naturally I love the Asian dragons, which are considered the most auspicious animal in the Chinese zodiac. And red is the most auspicious color. This dragon was created by Marcus Inkpen. I wonder if he would be willing to sell it.

See the bottom of this post for another pic from the same sim.

Three more sims to go!

location: Lotus Valley Dream at Fantasy Faire 2013

Technical notes

windlight: [TOR] DUSK - Beachin' (modified)
water: Default

After I was done with this shoot, I went back to a spot that I wanted to shoot. I couldn't get Dim Sum into the picture, however, because it's an off-sim installation. So, it's not part of the series.

The windlight for this one was a modified "Phototools- Lo Light 03".

Lotus Valley Dream