076 - Bridge covered peaceful water

Where's Dim Sum? #076 - Bridge covered peaceful waters

Dim Sum looks down at the water and watches the otter float by.

Pardon the terrible pun of the title. I meant to say "covered bridge," but I had to swap the words to fit the song title. :D  I'm surprised no one has noticed the bad puns in some of my titles. Or maybe they just groan secretly to be polite....

location: Kannonji Zen Retreat

Technical notes

windlight: [TOR] SCIFI - Rimmerthal (modified)
water: Glassy (modified)

I realize that I'm not giving you all the information you need to recreate the scene. So I'm doing something different. Instead of copying the settings, I'll just show them to you in a composite screenshot. Like this:

Of course, you have to view it in the original size to see the numbers.  ;)