068 - Bunny Hill

Where's Dim Sum? #068 - Bunny Hill

Dim Sum compares her paws with the bunny's paws and is very grateful that bunnies are gentle creatures.

This is the same giant bunny in the background of the Patchwork Ducks picture. In fact, the camera faces the same way.

location: HappyMood (HPMD)

Technical notes

windlight: [TOR] SUNRISE Desert (modified)
water: Glassy (modified)

Depth of Field:
View angle: 0.727
FOV: 90.0
F-number: 10.5
Foc Length: 210
Foc Time: 0.5
CoC: 10.0
Resolution: 1.0
Aspect Ratio: 1.0

Glow Settings:
Quality: 8
Iterations: 1
Strength: 0.35
Luminance: 1.0
Warmth: 0.0
Width: 1.3
Alpha: 0.25

One of the windlights I went through gave me the idea to backlight the bunny. But while playing with the east position, I realized that the tree on the top left looks cool when it's backlit too, and the light reflected on the water that way too. I could have tweaked it a bit more but it already took too much time.