142 - Ganeesha's smartphone

Where's Dim Sum? #142 - Ganeesha's smartphone

Dim Sum wonders if she stumbled into the Cave of Arms.

Seriously, take a look at that thing where the arrow is pointing in the center of the picture. I bet that's Ganeesha's smartphone.

It's a little hard to take pictures inside a cave. And these sculptures are kinda interesting. There are many gods and goddesses with multiple arms and many more with animal heads. But Ganeesha with the elephant head is the only one I'm aware of in real-life mythology.

To Ganeesha's right (where Dim Sum is sitting) is a squid with many arms, to Ganeesha's left is a frog with many arms, and across the room is a dolphin with many arms. All sculptures were built by Toady Nakamura.

Unfortunately, the sculptures themselves have Full Bright turned on, which severely limits what you can do with lighting to make them look more 3D and more realistic.

Many thanks to Inara Pey for the inspiration to look for the hidden treasures in the turtle.

location: SL10B Spellbound

Technical notes

windlight: Fine Day (modified)