126 - Raining aces

Where's Dim Sum? #126 - Raining aces

Dim Sum watches as four aces of spades fall to the floor.

This is such an adorable and gently humorous scene! The squirrel leaning on the table is dropping four aces of spades to the floor. The other squirrel holds two aces of spades, an ace of hearts, and a joker. And, as you can see, one of the moose is holding an ace of hearts. I trust the moose.

The scene is called "Stonewood Interiors - Poker Pals" created by Hailie Callisto. The building is called ">>Zacca<< Small House" by CROSS Jupiter, and it's the same house in the Cherry Blossom Kittycats Cafe, which was featured here and here and here.

location: Taiga

Technical notes

windlight: Places Cromac (modified)