129 - Through the bamboo grove

Where's Dim Sum? #129 - Through the bamboo grove

Dim Sum listens to the chattering of the bamboo leaves as the supple trunks brushed against each other in the wind.

In my culture (Filipino), as in many Asian cultures, the bamboo ("kawayan") plays a prominent role in our lives and in our folk tales. A folk tale narrates how the first man (named "Malakas," meaning "strong") and the first woman (named "Maganda," meaning "beautiful") came out of a very large bamboo that split open. A folk dance ("tinikling") involves dancing in and out of a configuration of pairs of bamboo poles that are alternately opened and closed.

It used to be very difficult to find good bamboo plants in SL, but when I was setting up my talk show, I found the ones created by Nadine Reverie (3D Trees), which is what these are. You can get them in either Mod/Copy or Mod/Transfer. And you get several types in the same package.

Azuchi is an Asian-themed sim with a lot of very interesting nooks, including this one. So I'll be here until SL10B opens.

location: Azuchi

Technical notes

windlight: Phototools- Epi Vintage Light (modified)