135 - A cat's cat

Where's Dim Sum? #135 - A cat's cat

Dim Sum meows at her anthropomorphic distant cousin in the crisp human suit, but he is a cat of few meows.

When I arrived at the Linden Teddy Bear sim, I saw Darl flying around and around fast, like he's being twirled around by an invisible lasso. Then after a while, he landed right near me and stood there quietly. So I had to ask if he could be in my picture.

This was a bit rushed, since I wasn't sure how long he could stay, so the windlight is one I had used before with only the east direction changed. But it took me a while anyway, because his AO moved too much.

I keep only a couple of photography guidelines in mind when I shoot: the rule of thirds and the triangles. I could have moved the camera a bit more for the rule of thirds, but this photo has an almost equilateral triangle with him in the middle. So I had to shoot before he moved again, which he did in the next instant.

Throughout my photoshoot, Sovereign Engineer had his/her cross-hairs on me, so s/he was probably taking pictures too. :)

model: Darl (thedarkest.fairey)
location: SL10B Bear Island

Technical notes

windlight: [TOR] DUSK - Siennarel (modified)