130 - Cat litter

Where's Dim Sum? #130 - Cat litter

"It's not junk; it's cat litter! And I'm not Dim Sum; I'm just a decoy."

Introducing "Where's Dim Sum? The Game!"  :D

It was actually Hamlet Au's blog post about this project that inspired me to do this. I figured that since I don't know how to program for the Android (yet), why not start with LSL? But the project kept getting pushed aside for higher priority tasks. And this event was a good excuse to move it up the priority list. ;)

It's not quite ready for public distribution, however. A lot of the settings are hardcoded. To be honest, I started on this only a few days ago, because of RL commitments, although I've been designing it in my head for while now. So, I'm sure it still has a few bugs.

The sims won't be open to the public until June 16, so the SLURL below won't work until then, unless you're one of the exhibitors and you have access to the sims.

And, yes, I was a bit tricky with this pic. Dim Sum is really not there; that's a decoy, a sibling of the cats you've seen in several past photos. It was created by Seu Ahn (Shop Seu).

model: Opal Lei
location: SL10B Stunning

Technical notes

windlight: Places Cromac (modified)
water: Default