124 - Three o'clock shadows

Where's Dim Sum? #124 - Three o'clock shadows

Dim Sum is comfortable in the spotlight, but... shhh... she thinks she saw the silhouette of a mouse....

Playing with projectors again. This time, just using a simple round spotlight texture, a white-on-black radial gradient. I might make this "shadow clock" a part of my SL10B exhibit if I can fit it in. If not, I'll just give it away as a gift. We'll see.

I skipped Strawberry's meme last week, but I did this week's meme.

Technical notes

windlight: Annan Adored Darkness (modified)

Strawberry's memes - Acrostic Poem

Strawberry wants acrostic poems using our names. Her blog defines what an acrostic poem is, complete with links, so I won't repeat that here.

Well, I'll up the ante and write an acrostic limerick! :D  Well, kinda. A limerick has five lines, but Dim Sum's name has six letters. So, it's actually an acrostic quasi-limerick. :D

Did I ever tell you the story of a cat,
Inclined to take pictures wherever she sat?
   Make haste, get your glasses.
   Seek out where her a** is,
Until she runs off to chase down a rat.