127 - Nevermore

Where's Dim Sum? #127a - Nevermore

Where's Dim Sum? #127b - Nevermore

Dim Sum looks up at the top branches of the dead tree to see what was making that incessant caw-caw-caw noise.

The center tree is "Skye Raven Tree" by Alex Bader (Studio Skye). I thought the b&w version (a) was a great ambience for it because of the poem, but the silhouettes looked flat, and I couldn't find just the right settings to keep the ambience and still get some sense of 3D in the objects.The color version (b) is actually more zoomed in, and Dim Sum is in a different position.

location: Taiga

Technical notes

a) Phototools- B/W Light 13 (unchanged)
b) [TOR] BIG SUN - Variationz (modified)