132 - Pop the question

Where's Dim Sum? #132 - Pop the question

Dim Sum jumps up from her nap, after getting startled by all the POPping that Opal is doing.

Since June is the most POPular month for weddings, I thought this might be appropriate. :D  But it wasn't really planned. I just fell upon this part of the sim and my water was set to Glassy from yesterday, and I thought, "Oh, that looks like a diamond ring!" So there.

Anyway, SL10B starts today, so don't forget to POP on over at SL10B Stunning and try your hand at the first "Where's Dim Sum?" game. And if you're already a regular either here or in Flickr, you'd already know where to find Dim Sum.

And for POPs out there, ... Happy Father's Day! :D


PS: I got a translation of the sign from yesterday!

location: Azuchi

Technical notes

windlight: [TOR] SUNRISE - Island cusp (modified)
water: Glassy