156 - RFL Catfish

Where's Dim Sum? #156 - RFL Catfish

Dim Sum ponders a rhetorical question.... Are catfish the mermaids of cats?

Have you heard? The Relay for Life has raised more than US$2M in the nine years it has been in Second Life!

The sims are gone now, but this was somewhere near the start of the track. I took this after doing two laps. The catfish fountain was created by Anhayla Lycia, and the lotus leaves are by Aki Shichiroji of Organica.

Okay, I have two surprises for you today, my dear readers.

1. This image has a matching mini-videoclip.  There have been times when I'd think, "Oh, I love that movement," but I couldn't capture the movement in a still photograph. So, I think I'll do these mini-vidclips for the more interesting scenes. The music will be very similar though, because I don't have time to look for different public domain music each time. This music (if you could call it that ;) ) was randomly composed using an app called the "Diatonic Composer" from AntiCulture.net.

2. The "Where's Dim Sum?" game is ready for public consumption. Yes, the one in the SL10B celebration! I had to modify the script because LSL wouldn't allow you to apply a texture on a child prim if the texture is not transferrable, and I was trying to figure out the best way to allow the user to modify the settings. The blue-dialog menus are too much like phone menus (unintuitive and long-winded) and a regular HUD would be something you have to look for in your inventory (I have 64k items in my inventory; trust me, looking for a HUD whose name you can't remember is an exercise in futility). The top scorers in SL10B already got their copies. If you are one of my "frequent favers" in Flickr or "frequent plusers" in G+, let me know your SL name and I'll send you a copy.

location: RFL Fight Back (The sims are not there anymore.)

Technical notes

windlight: Phototools- Lo Light 03 (modified)
water: Pond