149 - Steeple redux

Where's Dim Sum? #149 - Steeple redux

Dim Sum meows at the lone drake on the water, "I think I've met your brother and sister-in-law." The drake merely quacked in response.

Mz Marville invited me to see Ewan Crumb's home, which was a nice modern build with baked shadows. After about 15 minutes or so, I said I had to go because I needed to do my pic of the day at Goatswood. They wanted to see Goatswood, so I took them there. They were impressed with the build too. After exploring a little, with Ewan doing a costume change about three times, they said goodnight and I took this pic.


And the winners are ...

Before I forget, I haven't announced the top scorers in the "Where's Dim Sum?" game at SL10B. I said I would send a copy of the game to the top three, but I'll send a copy to the other two also.

However, winners, please pardon the delay. I'm trying to find time to finish the menu system that lets you customize the game. Hopefully, it'll be done in a week.

And without further ado, the winners are ...
  • Alania Darkwatch (score: 608617)
  • Kristine Kristan (score: 148994)
  • LibGwen Resident (score: 72047)
  • Mayatuk Noarlunga (score: 30738)
  • Hiram Walker (score: 4537)
I'll put up the game for sale inworld also, so if you're interested, stay tuned, and I'll post the location of the vendor and the Marketplace link. If you're one of my frequent favoriters/commenters in Flickr, please send me a FlickrMail with your SL username to get a free copy.

Technical notes

windlight: [TOR] BIG SUN - Slips through walls 5 (modified)
water: Glassy