148 - Sumthin's brewin'

Where's Dim Sum? #148 - Sumthin's brewin'

Dim Sum sniffs the air and wonders what's cooking. Hopefully, rat soup with that red tabasco sauce.

This room is one of the interesting places inside the mill. It looks like a sorcerer's workshop. Lots of very interesting objects here from several builders:
  • Druunah Esharham (a i s l i n g) - "Kaitlin Books" in the foreground and "Herbalist Worktable" in the back
  • Pandora Popstar (LISP Bazaar) - the bottles of poison and "Collector Candle holder" (gloved hand on tripod)
  • Maxwell Graf (Rustica) - wooden table in the foreground
  • estatica (Estatica Store) - "Captain's letter" under the bottle of red poison
  • Heraklitus Bohemian (Bohemian Delights) - basket of eggs
  • madmacit (Ginger Line) - "Round Plate w/ Bottle" behind the cauldron
  • Aley (AleyMart) - "table top weighing scales"
  • Minke Bailey (MB-CreationZ) - "Sculpty Halloween Cauldron"
  • Cory Edo (Trompe Loeil) - lantern in the foreground
  • Laufey Markstein (T R I D E N T) - piles of books on the floor
  • Searlait Nitschke (Roawenwood) - "Fortune Teller's Rug"

location: Goatswood

Technical notes

windlight: Annan Adored Dark Red sky (modified)