145 - Tell me "no lye"

Where's Dim Sum? #145 - Tell me "no lye"

Dim Sum sniffs the fishing nets and smells the scent of the salty sea.... But where have all the fish gone?.... Huh?!? "Lye vat"?!? Vhat do you mean?

This sim is Second Norway, which I discovered at SL10B, so I got a landmark and here I am. It's a mix of pastoral areas and buildings by the water. I love this little traditional church on top of the hill.

My RL ex was of Norwegian descent, so, yes, I've tasted lutefisk (fish preserved with lye) and many other Norwegian delicacies. How does it taste? Let me put it this way, using a traditional Norwegian Minnesotan expression.... Uffda!  :D

location: Second Norway

Technical notes

windlight:  [TOR] SUNSET - Garrigal moscheles 1 (modified)