153 - Death and the joker

Where's Dim Sum? #153b - Death and the joker (drunk)

Where's Dim Sum? #153a - Death and the joker (sober)

Dim Sum thinks it had something to do with the fire circle. She's feeling woozy and seeing double.

The sim. Venexia is another sim owned and created by Baal Zobel and friends, who are also responsible for Goatswood. This shoot is right at the landing area. There are two arches on the way to the main area of the sim -- this one with the joker mask and another one at the other end of the platform with a skull.  I kinda had an epiphany when I realized the connection between the two arches. Death is the ultimate joker.

Captured again! I was getting set up when Min2y arrived at the center of the fire circle, which is the landing point. After a brief chat, she asked if she could take a picture with Dim Sum. Of course, Dim Sum is flattered! Luckily, Min was able to take a couple of photos. As soon as she said she posted them, my machine promptly shut down. I didn't notice that it was getting too hot. So I had to reboot and adjust some settings and get some ice packs... hey, they work. See Min's SL timeline for the photos she took. Here's one of them.

Seeing double. I got frustrated with windlight. Actually, the frustration has to do with being at a plateau and getting burnt out. I need to try new things for me to get excited about this project again. However, I placed a lot of restrictions on the project, specifically to save time and to squeeze creativity. For a while now, I've had this idea of doing an overlay using a HUD that covers my entire screen. So, that's what the "drunk" version is. The HUD is slightly bigger than my screen. The image on the HUD is the same, except without the signature and without windlight so it's darker without fog. The transparency of the prim is set to 75.

location: Venexia

Technical notes

windlight: Alchemy Immortalis - Foggy Morning (modified)