154 - RFL 'Remember' luminaria

Where's Dim Sum? #154 - Remember luminaria

Dim Sum sits by the bright lanterns and watches the people as they zoom past her, walking, running, biking, skating, skateboarding, from humans to creatures, from huge dragons to tiny fairies,

There's a LOT of beep-beep roadrunners on the RFL track this year! They were literally zoom-zooming! It's way faster than a run, so I figure it must be an AO or a HUD. A few of them bumped me, even though I wasn't sitting on the track, just because they couldn't turn fast enough around the corner.

This caped skateboarder was going at run speed, but she was still too fast for me to get her name. If you know who she is, or if you are she, let me know.

I might try to take one more picture from the RFL track today, if I can catch them before they close down the sims.

model: (unknown)
location: RFL Screening

Technical notes

windlight: Incongruent Truths (modified)

On the technical side, my artist sister kinda scolded me for using the png format at such a low format, so I can't use the images for print. So I've switched to jpg with four times the resolution.