045 - On a cool clay roof

Where's Dim Sum? #045 - On a cool clay roof

Dim Sum watches the slow-moving giant snail from her safe perch.

I wasn't planning to publish this one, because I'm not happy with it. It has too many foci. I started working on a new one, but I don't have time to finish that, so I'm publishing this today after all.

You've seen that structure on the left in #42, but with the roof this time.

location: Betelgeuse 5

Technical notes

windlight: AnaLutetia - STUDIO3 (modified)
water: Pond

Depth of Field:
View angle: 0.727
FOV: 57.4
F-number: 6.82
Foc Length: 285
Foc Time: 0.8
CoC: 10.0
Resolution: 1.0
Aspect Ratio: 1.0

Glow Settings:
Quality: 8
Iterations: 10
Strength: 0.2
Luminance: 0.75
Warmth: 5.0
Width: 1.0
Alpha: 0.15