031 - Spotlight on the rafters

Where's Dim Sum? #031a - Spotlight on the rafters

Dim Sum looks down from her very own catwalk and strikes a pose. Even if no one else sees her.

Just getting her at the right spot took me a couple of hours, I think.  I had to write a teensy script to make her hover; otherwise, she kept getting lower and lower.  Scroll below to see the first picture I took.
location: The Untroubled Sound

Technical notes

windlight: Annan Adored Light Explosion III (modified)
water: Default

Depth of Field:
View angle: 0.727
FOV: 100.0
F-number: 10.0
Foc Length: 100.0
Foc Time: 0.27
CoC: 5.31
Resolution: 1.0
Aspect Ratio: 1.0

Glow Settings:
Quality: 8
Iterations: 8
Strength: 0.1
Luminance: 0.5
Warmth: 5.0
Width: 0.5
Alpha: 0.15

I was skimming the default windlight settings and I fell into this one: Phototools- B/W Light 07, with DOF turned on and Lighting enabled, but Shadow Types set to None.  And I got this charcoal-like picture below.  It was pure luck that the composition had just the right balance of light and dark.  Cool, huh?  It was a very nice surprise.

Where's Dim Sum? #031b - Spotlight on the rafters