022 - Twin falls

Where's Dim Sum? #022 - Twin falls

Dim Sum rests under a tree and observes the frog on the lily pad down below.

I was inspecting the yurts (see top left) and discovered this wonderful little spot. Again, there's a lot going on here. And I decided to focus on one of the waterfalls. I will likely do tomorrow's photo right in the same area.

location: The Realm of Mystara North - Stromness

Technical notes

windlight: Nam's Robots of Dawn (modified)
water: [NB] Sparkling Depths (modified)

Depth of Field:
View angle: 0.528
FOV: 19.2
F-number: 2.73
Foc Length: 1416
Foc Time: 0.8
CoC: 7.0
Aspect Ratio: 1.33

Glow Settings:
Quality: 8
Iterations: 0.062
Strength: 0.301
Luminance: 5.044
Warmth: 5.044
Width: 0.531
Alpha: 0.150

I'm not quite happy with this one.  I see a problem but I don't know how to fix it yet.  If you look right in the middle of the picture, the rock of the waterfalls looks like it's a cutout pasted over the water.  I don't know why.  Maybe the focus length is too short, but at that distance, it's difficult to be precise. I think my mistake is that I'm focusing on objects that are too far away from the camera.

On the other hand, I'm happy how the windlight created different colors to make the scene more interesting.

Here it is without DOF: