020 - Fire!

Where's Dim Sum? #020 - Fire

Dim Sum encounters the man with scars again, this time in the catacombs.  Then she looks over to the skeleton across the hall, then back to the man, then back to the skeleton, then back to the man.  "Did you come to meet your future, mister?"

Tanner ran into me again. When he arrived, I was already playing with DOF, so he looked like a red blob to me.  He thought his avie wasn't rezzing.  Anyway, he added a little bit of brightness at the right spot of the picture, so it was a happy accident anyway.

model: Tanner Ryder (realdarkknight)
location: The Realm of Mystara North - Stromness

Technical notes

windlight: [TOR] SCIFI - Albedo 0.39 (modified until it's barely recognizable)

Depth of Field:
View angle: 1.047
FOV: 24.0
F-number: 22.0
Foc Length: 266
Foc Time: 0.8
CoC: 7.0
Resolution: 1.0
Aspect Ratio: 1.33

Glow Settings:
Quality: 8
Iterations: 17
Strength: 0.212
Luminance: 1.31
Warmth: 13.54
Width: 1.549
Alpha: 0.513

It's always difficult to treat dark places.  Either they end up being too dark to see or too bright to be believable.  I was going to go back outside, but I decided to see if I could find the right windlight to make it look dramatic.  I ended up modifying the windlight enough to look entirely different.

I decided to stay and work with it when I saw that the windlight created the little bokeh lights on the wall where a bas relief of skeletons were.  I thought they look like charcoal embers.  Maybe the effect was caused by the sculpt or mesh being at a low level of detail (I kept it low).  But I had to max the particle count and add glow to this to make the fire look brighter.