325 - Cozy lighthouse bed

Where's Dim Sum? #325 - Cozy lighthouse bed

Dim Sum snuggles on the cozy bed and hopes the owner doesn't come back soon. Not that anyone could make her move from her warm spot.

This is a very small room in the lighthouse and I had to really squeeze the view angle. I would love sleeping in such a bedroom with a great view out the window like that, even if it's really small.

As in #323, this one hints at another unseen window because of its shadow.

The "Traveler-Single bed(left)" was created by ria.bazar (~BAZAR~ Quality homes and furniture).
The "Culprit Wayfarer's Rest" lighthouse was created by eku Zhong (Culprit Fine Furniture).

location: It All Starts With A Smile

Technical notes

windlight: AnaLu - outdoor night (modified)
water: Glassy