319 - Yellow hive tower

Where's Dim Sum? #319 - Yellow hive tower

Dim Sum remembers the giant bee at the landing point and wonders if this is its hive.

I feel a strong sentimentality about Svarga. In fact, I mentioned it in my book, because a significant event happened there. (You can read about it in the excerpt published in Hamlet Au's New World Notes.)

Of course, in "the olden days," we didn't have windlight either, and I'm not sure that I chose the right lighting in these images. Maybe I'll come back later and do better images when I have more time. Those probably won't be part of the 365 project, but they'll be in my Flickr stream anyway.

Some things are missing from the sim now. There used to be a sea dragon in the water in the outskirts of the sim. I remember showing the sim to one of my younger nephews, and that dragon fascinated him. We were using his mom's account, so we changed her avatar to a bright blue dragon, and he loved that.

A boat used to sit just outside one of the side gates, and hammocks used to hang under some of the structures, but those are gone now too.

Even without those details, Svarga still has much in it to launch the imagination to a beautiful paradise that used to live only in the mind of one avatar called Laukosargas Svarog.

The entire sim was created by Laukosargas Svarog.

location: Svarga

Technical notes

windlight: AnaLutetia - outdoor (modified)