322 - Reminiscence 2 (a redo of a photo from 2007)

Where's Dim Sum? #322 - Reminiscence 2 (a redo of a photo from 2007)

Dim Sum meows, "Are we done yet?"

And here's the second of the two recreations of Svarga photos from 2007:

The birdbath wasn't there when I took the photo in 2007. And neither was the white cat. ;)

Everything else was there. The outpost building in the top left was already there, but the 2007 photo didn't have objects rezzed that far. My machine at the time couldn't do it.

Also, the flowers behind me actually changed colors every time a bee came along, and I just didn't want to wait for both to match the colors in the old photo.

I couldn't find a "modern" mesh outfit that is similar to the one I wore in the old pic, so I just settled for a black dress. But the jewelry is the exact same one.

See the first one here.

The entire sim was created by Laukosargas Svarog.

location: Svarga

Technical notes

windlight: Fairy dark blue (Paulina) (modified)