321 - Reminiscence 1 (a redo of a photo from 2007)

Where's Dim Sum? #321 - Reminiscence 1 (a redo of a photo from 2007)

Dim Sum patiently waits for Opal as she digs out an old picture.... Or two!....

Okay, the sim is Svarga. And that is very, very significant! Svarga has been around forever!

And, .... (drumroll) .... I actually have pictures from 2007 taken in Svarga! Ta-da! :D

So, these two "Reminiscence" pictures are actually recreations of two of those old pictures. Here's the first picture from 2007:

Of course, the point is that Svarga hasn't changed much. But Opal has. And the viewer has. And my machine has.

I'm using Firestorm now and I think I was using the SL viewer in 2007. That might be why I can't quite get the perspective accurately. Or it could just be changes in the technology. But it's close enough.

Anyway, we now have windlight, shadows, DoF, mesh clothes, and mesh bodies. But I still have the same necklace and bracelet, which is also very, very significant but for a different reason.

See the second one here.

The entire sim was created by Laukosargas Svarog.

location: Svarga

Technical notes

windlight: Places Wiccan (modified)