211 - Four goddesses, three to burn

Where's Dim Sum? #211 - Four goddesses


Dim Sum yawns and decides she would rest in the shade and explore when the temperatures go down. If she went outside in the desert sun, she'd soon be Steamed Dim Sum.

This is the "altar" of the Burn2 temple.

The event has significant meaning to me, but, at the same time, it has a lot of pain associated with it. A couple of weeks ago, they contacted me about the censer that I had used in the past, and I gave them a copy of the most recent version of the scripts, which is the same as the one I used in my SL9B "Heart Gravel" exhibit. But it looks like they decided to reverse-engineer the scripts instead. Funny thing was ... I accidentally bumped into the scripter on my way into the temple. I apologized, but no reply.

Anyway, from a technical standpoint, it's cool that they're using mesh this year, but I'm curious how they would make the structure fall apart during the burn. From an emotional standpoint, I miss Damanios Thetan's temples; I could very well be biased, but his were always awe-inspiring. Oh, well, diversity is good anyway.

Dim Sum is actually floating a few meters closer to the viewer. And she was supposed to be a teensy bit higher. Oops.

The statues and the temple were built by Midori Rotaru.

location: Burn2 2013 (The temple is on the sim called "Burning Man-Opal". :D )

Technical notes

windlight: [TOR] SUNSET - Damage down (modified)