203 - How Thor goes fishing

Where's Dim Sum? #203 - How Thor goes fishing

Dim Sum ponders if the drying fish were offered to the god of thunder or caught by him.

I found this Norse myth about Thor going fishing with a giant and caught two whales, so maybe these little fishes are too small for him.

Giannini Demonista, the owner of the Realm of Asgard wanted to use one of Dim Sum's pictures to change his sim's logo. He had only seen the first one at that point. To be honest, his current logo is actually already very good.

I told him it might be better to wait until I get a few more done, so he would have a selection. For one, my signature is in the pictures, so it would be some work to get the signatures out. Second, these pictures are really intended to hide Dim Sum so they might not be appropriate for a logo. I thought it might be better to just create one for him that's easier to incorporate into a logo. So, here's one that's similar to today's image.

The fish are called "OW Fish on rope" by Katrina Kristan (Old World), and Thor's status is called "Trident Viking Statue "Thor" III  [7.5 Mt]" by Laufey Markstein (Trident).

location: Realm of Asgard

Technical notes

windlight: Annan Adored Realistic ambient (modified)
water: Phototools- Ship Light